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11/11/2022 4:07:45 PM

Remember to take a break

Reading a lot of posts around here that just scream Burnout to me. People burned out on seasonal model, people burned out on grinding core playlists, people burned out on PvP, people sad about the declining population, etc etc... But please consider taking a break from Destiny 2. The current season is basically over. 3 weeks remain, 4 if you include this week. There will be no more story until the final week, maybe the final 2 (doubtful) There are no more seasonal challenges to complete. There is Iron Banner next week, but otherwise no more events or festivals. You're at pinnacle cap, or don't care about top-end content. You really have no reason to keep grinding this game. So please consider stepping away and giving yourself time to breathe. God of War released for PS owners, CoD MW2 is out for PvP fans, maybe load up an emulator and replay an old favourite. Have a glass of what you enjoy and wait to see what happens next season because major changes aren't going to happen until next month. Hotfixes aren't usually going to make your major issues go away. That's the expansion launch, season-start, and mid-season patches. So if a hotfix doesn't do what you're hoping for, continue chilling because it's honestly not worth your time.
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