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由Stuka編輯: 11/9/2022 9:59:54 PM

Dear Bungie, where was our progress compensation (33% to be exact) after the Event didn't work for 1/3rd of its run time?

I don't mean to sound harsh, but if I messed something up as bad as you the least I would do is add 33% progress to everyone who literally could not progress in the event for 8 days straight. You see, when you mess something like this up in a limited time event players who cannot progress have 8 days less to complete the challenges. It's not only unfair but also complete BS since those players may also want to do the challenges without grinding that much harder. Imho you should have added 33% to any and all players who had 0% progress on the 2nd day of the second week, after your "apparent hotfix", which I heard didn't even fix it for all players. Moves like this only promote player burnout due to having to grind harder and generally leave a bad taste in the mouth, especially since the upgraded event pass worked flawlessly and was just as obnoxious as last time, taking up half the event screen.



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