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11/8/2022 11:05:58 PM

Appreciation post for double nightfall rewards with lightning crystals modifier

Just a quick thank you for the double nightfall rewards together with the lightning crystals modifier.. I farmed a few master nightfalls and it actually felt rewarding.. Got 6 enhancement prism, 2 ascendenant shards and 2 exotics so far and a bunch of other things (crap stat rolls though on exotic armor, seems to be programmed that exotics don't really get stat spikes like legendary armor do, we really need a better way than ghost mods to target stats). With the modifier and arc 3.0 the master nightfall is actually fun to do with big rewards. Most fun I had in a long time while playing d2. I actually felt like my character has in fact killed a god or 2 this way. More of this please!



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