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11/8/2022 11:59:01 AM

Festival of the lost feedback

Since this is the last day of festival, I will give my thoughts of what was good and what was bad. Starting with the good. The updated perk pools of jurassic and werewolf were fantastic, I finally had the wish I wanted. Addition of a new weapon, mechabre also helped me get a little interested in doing the event with an instant godroll off the bat. An additional lost sector was added in to make sure the event wasn't too much the same as before and that helped spice things up a bit. However, that is all that could've been good. The event and mechanics were all the same as before and I quickly lost interest in chasing anything. I had to farm pages after pages in order to gain an additional drop from finishing the haunted lost sector, which takes a long time to do when doing activities like crucible and ketchcrash. I have never felt more cheaped out than getting 3 pages from crucible mayhem. Also, the low cap of 75 pages puts a big stop on the grind as you cannot obtain anymore pages until you've run through the haunted lost sectors and used the converted ones. While running these haunted lost sectors, I ended up running through the bosses quicker than the timer and I ended up with a minute or more on the timer and I have to waste my time waiting on the final boss to spawn and I don't want to wait, I want to stay in the flow of finishing these haunted lost sectors and then going back to page farming. Horror story the other auto rifle you get as a reward, did not have an updated perk pool and that sucks because why would I want a weapon that has no damage perks or anything new on it. The epic grab bags also were quite useless as they only gave out regular legendary rewards like armor or weapons and planetary materials which will also become obselete when lightfall comes around. What could be done to fix these issues? Raise the cap on how many pages you can hold, like 150 or more so that I don't have to go lfg so often and I can continously farm haunted lost sectors for a while before going back to page farming. For pages obtained, raise the amount of pages you get from ritual activities and also reward pages for doing pinnacles and powerful, like you get 10 pages for powerfuls and 15 for pinnacles. For haunted list sectors, either make it so you kill as many bosses in the time you have or you just end the timer when you kill all 10 bosses before the timer runs out so that you're not standing around doing nothing for a minute. The epic grab bags should just reward you with weapons for the event instead of random legendaries you can get anywhere because candy is useless when there is no desirable way to use them to obtain the event weapons. Overall, the event was not bad but it was not good either because there could've been more done then just adding a few things and calling it good. From the limit on pages to grinding, it was quite stale and mid to really do nothing to improve the quality of life of the event and that prevented it from being enjoyable and fun.



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