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11/8/2022 4:41:47 AM

Pinnacles not Rituals.

Please just bring back Pinnacle weapons, i know you think that they are too strong but with some changes to their unique perks, i think you can make them work. Now i just want to clearify that when i say bring back Pinnacles, i am not talking about the sunseted ones. I want the pinnacle style of weapons, One set roll with a unique perk and a quest to get it. I think that they way they could avoid the issue with them being to powerfull, is to make those unique perks only work in their respective activity. So if you got the Crucible Pinnacle the perk will only be active in there. Like "Not forgotton" Yes it was to strong in there, but since it was only strong in there because the perk only worked in pvp, it was way easier to handle. To be fair the only two Pinnacles that caused Bungie to stop making them was Recluse and Mountaintop. Both got nerfed allot to the point were the usage rate dropped significantly. I think adding 3 Pinnacles (one for each faction) will be better for both us and them. It is clear that Bungie is getting tired of making new ritual weapons every season. Ritual weapon fatigue. Just look at the amount of Ritual weapons we are getting now, at the launch of Shadow keep we were given 3 Ritual weapons (one from each faction) and now we are only getting 1. When i said that adding 3 Pinnacle weapons would be better for us and them, i don't mean each season (that wuld be crazy) what i meant with that is that Pinnacles tends to last longer than Rituals due to their unique perks.



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