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11/6/2022 3:18:51 PM

Casual Gamers Group recruiting now!

CGG is looking for players who enjoy playing Destiny, with emphasis on JOY. All gamers, preferably PS, are welcome. We’re a group of adult (30+) casual gamers who enjoy playing all aspects of the game, but also know how hard it is to find time to play sometimes. We started this clan so we don’t spend too much of that precious gaming time scouring the LFG’s for nice people to do Raids, Dungeons etc. with. So if you’re looking for a clan full of chill gamers, come join! And remember: Yolanda be cool! PS. As an added bonus! Most of us speak Dutch, so for all you Dutchies or niche linguists out there: Kom maar door! (Official clan language is still English, don’t worry)



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