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11/1/2022 10:32:18 PM

They say they are still fighting the Wizard of the Headless Ones on the Moon... (Feedback-Storytime)

I decided to play this evening some Haunted Sectors in the Playlist. I went in, did some runs and got loot. But then... Then I joined a Lost Sector on the Moon. Not one of the usuals. It was.... Different. As I landed, I quickly realized that I joined in progress. Someone had left before me and so I got send in to fill the slot. Another look next to my radar told me, that we were already at the Haunted Boss of the Sector. 11 Headless Ones have been slain. And then.... I saw it. A wicked Wizard, with a shield. But no ordinary shield. It was a shield at 3% health. The Wizard itself at 33% Health. Around us, no Headless Ones. Another Guardian left. I soon followed, but before I disappeared into the Orbit of Void, I have seen another one joined. I can only guess how many Souls this Wizard did trap with his cheating of death. Some might even say, the Moon is still haunted by their Screams of Agony, fighting that unkillable Wizard.... ... And if you didn't got it already thru this story. The Headless Ones sometimes don't spawn in the boss fight, making it unfinishable.



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