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由ToasterTron2000編輯: 10/27/2022 5:56:10 PM

I think most pinnacles should be un-sunset.

I don't give feedback very often, and I know the bungie forums are a cesspool 99 percent of the time, but this has been bugging me for quite a long time. The majority of sunset pinnacles, that so many players spent a lot of time getting, shouldn't be sunset anymore. From purely a balance standpoint, most don't compete anymore or have their unique perk on other guns currently in the game. Besides mountaintop, recluse, and revoker, almost all of the pinnacles are balanced if not underpowered now. For example: Luna's Howl/Not Forgotten: While being very consistent 140s, they have very poor range, at like 33, 34 meters. Pretty much any current hand cannon has better dueling perks and longer range, not to mention hand cannons aren't meta anymore. Guns like redrix, 21 percent delirium, loaded question, wendigo, and python have all of their perks on other, better guns, with better perk combos and stats. Weapons like hush, oxygen, and breakneck all had fun, unique perks, but were never overpowered. Even in terms of PvE, oxygen sr3 and breakneck currently get completely outclassed by subclass 3.0 perks like voltshot or incandescent. I understand that I can technically still use these weapons but let's all be honest with ourselves. We're not going to just break these guns out to use them for patrols or strikes. It's not the same being able to main the guns and be able to use them anywhere. **Edit** I also want to mention, it would be very fair for them to be un-sunset because all players have access to them now!



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