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10/29/2022 5:08:32 AM

Why am I forced into SBMM?

If I wanted to play a sweat match I'd go into survival and grind my Glory Rank some more. I'm almost 3.2k glory and people there are already quick swap countering and running Gyrfalcon etc and now because of my "skill" level (I'm not even sure 3.2k is high skill, some of these players are running Jotun so maybe not) I'm forced to sweat just as much as in survival. Why? Can't we have a seperate playlist for people that want a break but also want to keep playing Crucible? Why do we need to trihard7 in every game? I get enjoying a challenge but these players take it a step too far with the sweatyness in a Control playlist of all places. It makes it so I need to start leaning forward too lol. It's not like it's too much of an issue to use my brain (I'm getting 1.6-2.0 KD in these matches) but eventually it gets frustrating. Give us an ACTUAL casual playlist like how Glory has a freelance option. That would solve both issues and not cause any problems, right?



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