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Vicimus - endgame pvp clan

Join Clan Vicimus. Dedicated PVP clan. (Part of PVE Clan Venimus) US/UK Clan for over 18’s ONLY. Any platform welcome but console focused currently. Our clan is mainly focused on PVP and is heavily community minded, so Discord is required, along with regular activity, ideally logging in every 2 weeks, but most of us are on weekly. We schedule regular scrims and inter-clan tournaments and encourage members to set up their own using our excellent LFG system. If you’re not going to play with clanmates, or get involved with discord, we aren't the clan for you - we’re social, and don’t bite (hard) - and we’re a great place to make friends and improve your game. Gearing up is very important to us, and if you need help getting exotic weapons or armour, or legendary weapons from tougher content, we can help you get there. The stronger you are: the stronger we are. Our clan brothers Venimus can help with this as well as help obtaining any PVE seals you may want. Ideal Members would have some, if not all of the following traits, or are committed to get to this level: Regular Log-in - ideally weekly. Owns Latest expansion and is invested in Destiny Is focused mainly towards PVP Usually participate in Trials and/or comp Has either PVP seal, or is working towards these Is at least 1.0 KD in either comp or trials ^ This is the majority of our player base. We are a reasonable squad, but we aren't here to carry, we support each other and carry our own weight. You are expected to do the same. How To Join: If this all sounds good to you, then please; 1)Upvote this post 2)Comment that you’re interested (Include your Bungie name) 3)Expect a dm from us on the destiny app. Rules and community guidelines found on our discord - invite on application acceptance. We'll see you out there, Guardian…



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