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10/22/2022 5:47:53 AM

Unable to hear fireteam, but they can hear me

When I'm in a fireteam, I can't hear teammates and their speaker icons don't light up. However, when I talk they can all hear me and my speaker icon lights up. All my teammates can hear each other. Destiny is the only game that I have this issue with; the team voice chats on all my other games (such as overwatch) work just fine. [u]I already tried the following solutions:[/u] - opening the xbox game bar (win + g) and setting the default output to my gaming headset (HyperX Cloud Core Wireless) - going into system sound settings and setting my headset as the default for input and output and disabling all other options -uninstalling and reinstalling destiny -muting and unmuting teammates in my fireteam -closing and relaunching Destiny -setting voice chat to ON in the settings (also turning it off and on)



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