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10/21/2022 8:54:43 PM

Found out a friend cheats.

A buddy of mine has been using a xim (mouse and keyboard on console) on xbox for quite some time now. It feels like a betrayal. He talks all this hot -blam!- like he's good at the game, when he's LITERALLY getting an unfair advantage. It's a very conflicting topic considering he's my friend, but I don't condone cheating. He keeps saying he won't get banned or anything for it, and it's pissing me off because he'a just going to keep doing it. He's a toxic player by many definitions, and I think he needs to pay for his misconduct. What can I/we do to get him banned. If he's really going to act this way, I have no problem aiding in his ban if at all possible. How would I report him for this? And what's the best course of action to begin this process. I'm very tired of his -blam!-.



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