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PvP - Inv. Nighstalker Hunter Vs Striker Titan for Sniping

Hello Guardians =) I'm a Titan main and in PvP I always use Snipers. Since Arc 3.0 came out, with my Striker I receveid the bless of the Dodge as Class Ability instead of the Barricade. Dodge combined with the Shoulder Charge allowed me for great movement and this is a bless for Sniping, both passive on more crowed lines or on more aggressive engagements also after sliding. However, I was wondering what do you guys think is more performing for Sniping, if the current Titan Striker Shoulder Charge + First Person Dodge or a Void Hunter with Dodge + Invs and maybe also the "confusion effect" caused by the Gemini Jester, or double Dodge ecc. What do you guys think?



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