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Unmerciful Conquerors looking to bolster ranks.

We are a small community of Destiny players looking to bolster their ranks with active players. If you are looking for a group of 18+ players to kick it and do with some gaming, UMCQ got your back. Currently we are bolstering our ranks with active players with the goal to do regular raiding and other endgame activities. We are laid back, but we got individuals from all walks of life we are strictly in it for the game and fun, not for judgement. Our veteran members are ready and willing to teach you how to progress from a puny low light guardian trying to figure out which end of the weapon is the dangerous one, to being a loot grazed killing machine that you always want to be. Join our discord and pop in for a chat. Check us out, we are open to all platforms. Take no prisoners, or do. Just do it with out mercy. Unmerciful Conquerors Disclaimer: As stated we are are a 18+ community and aim to keep it that way. We offer a judge free zone for our community to kick back and have fun, as result if non-P.C. conversations and topics offend you, it's highly recommended that you look deep within your self and ask yourself: "Am I thin skinned?" "Do I know the difference between not being P.C. and just being edgy?" . If you answer yes to the first question and no the the second, do you self a favor and go somewhere else. Otherwise, we are looking forward to meeting you. Our discord(Link is also in clan page. Search Unmerciful Conquerors): Our clan page:



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