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10/12/2022 12:32:12 AM

Ada/Eververse constantly selling the same thing

Ada is obviously the worse of the two seeing as mods are one way a player actually has a chance of completing end tier content etc, Yes there are sufficiently similar mods for some builds but for most not really & that leads me to the core of the problem, i started playing destiny 2 maybe 2-3 Months ago maybe a bit longer mainly because my friends who have been playing since Destiny 1 were playing Witch Queen & i decided to finally try to play the game, It's been an alright experience obviously better when playing with friends but the last month or so i have literally just watched Ada sell the same mods (Or atleast i noticed it a lot more) meaning i am essentially stuck unable to really go much further because of the fact i am lacking a certain mod & a good enough alternative for said mod, Seems incredibly easy to fix like stupidly easy (Player Specific Mods/Increase amount of available Mods for each day) Eververse has a similar issue with the bright store selling the same Shaders/Ghosts/Transmat Effects: Abyssnian gold 2-3 Weeks Ketchcrash Transmat 2 Weeks Tethys Shell 2+ Weeks ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Eververse can be fixed after Ada i honestly don't care too much about it except it kind of compounds the idea of a lazily created randomizer or however these things are being chosen for rotation.



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