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10/11/2022 3:20:37 PM

[PC/PSN/XBOX] [NA/EU/OCEA] [13+] Obsidian Watchers is recruiting! | Raid Teaching | Day 1 Raids | 9 Clans | Endgame activities | Clan Events | Active Community | 3,600+ Members

The Obsidian Watchers Community (OBWS) goal is to be more than just another clan, we're a close knit community, with several years of experience and strive to be a place where everyone feels welcome, creating a healthy, toxic free environment and provide opportunities to find fellow, like-minded gamers. We have a team of volunteer staff members on at all times of day to help out with anything you may need in-game or out. Whether you decide to join any of our divisions or just chill with us in our server, you will always be welcome to stay! What we offer: - A fun, active community of over 3,600 players. Everyone is welcome to our server - Weekly scheduled KWTD/sherpa runs. We have dedicated and aspiring sherpas for all the raids - An active LFG channels and voice chats for all activities - Day 1 Raid planning as well as any future endgame content whether it be PvP or PvE - Weekly and Monthly PvP, PvE, fashion and community events open for all our clan members - A unique & internal scoring/ranking system with roles to show activity between OBWS members - Specialized Clan divisions for hardcore gamers! - Unique progression roles for PvE and PvP for ALL members that register to Charlemagne How to join: 1. Join our server ( ) & accept the rules 2. Register to Charlemagne in bot-commands 3. Post your Bungie profile and the division you wish to join in clan-application Clan rules: 1. Discord usage is required and members must remain in the server, mic is optional 2. Be active! We have weekly inactivity checks Obsidian Watchers Divisions: - OBWS Emerald (NA): - OBWS Jade (NA): - OBWS Peridot (NA): - OBWS Beryl (NA): - OBWS Ruby (EU): - OBWS Garnet (EU): - OBWS Thulite (OCE/ASIA): - OBWS Onyx (Casual Raid focused): - OBWS Diamond (Hardcore Raid focused): For more info contact Renk#1996 on Discord



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