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由Talia Sendua編輯: 10/9/2022 5:26:32 PM

Please let us see who is in the lobby in Control BEFORE the match starts in Control.

Ok, let us have a bit of story time for the moment. I am playing Crucible rn (no big surprise). I play Control which has loose SBMM. I play Control that has now quitter penalties. And I play Control that often has the problem that it sends the very same players in the same lobby over and over again. So, about that Story. I had today a match on Conjunction against a PSN player called "Bex" (I am not adding the tag number but there are more than 1 "Bex" on Said Bex slays out like hell, basically bullying my entire team in that round. Especially me in that match (I killed him maybe once or twice while he killed me almost every time we bumped into each other on the map). Now, the thing is (according to Destiny Tracker) "Bex" is Top 500 in Control this Season. He is actually Leaderboard Place 16 on the global control leaderboard. And the other thing is, I am not Top 500 in Control in any Season (not in D1 and not in D2). I am on Leaderboard Place 92.344. He is Combat Rating (the Bungie Stat) 248.80 according to Destiny Tracker. I am Combat Rating 156.88. "Bex" and I am not the same. Now, fact is that I didn't leave the lobby, expecting Bex to be sorted out via "we are breaking up the teams", since he massively slayed out and dominated the lobby basically by himself. But guess what? Next match on Vostok he is [b]again[/b] in my lobby, [b]again[/b] in the enemy team, [b]again[/b] dominating my entire team and being an absolute menace to play against. And now I had the problem that I can't leave without getting a penalty. I have to endure another 8 minutes of annoying, super stressful Top 500 torture-treatment by "Bex" and lose again. And when I get annoyed with a game, I yell in my room! "Bex" is probably a pretty nice dude IRL. Probably is very famous among his other Destiny 2 friends for his performance in PvP in Destiny 2. He probably is a very decent human being. But I don't care. I don't want to play with "Top 500 Bex". I don't care if he is IRL a decent human being or if he is having the time of his life destroying always the entire opposition in Control. All I want is to [b]not[/b] play against him more than once a day [b]at least[/b]. It is ok that you face once in a while very good players in loose SBMM. But if Bungie wants to keep very good players and average players in the same lobby due to its L-SBMM matchmaking systems, you have to let us see again the other players in the roster section [b]before[/b] a new control match starts. [b]Because then[/b] players can dip out [b]before the match starts[/b] when they don't want to play any longer [b]against a very annoying opponent in PvP[/b]. Because if I would have been able to see his name in the lobby [b]beforehand[/b], I could have left the queue [b]before[/b] the match starts and wouldn't have met "Bex" again the next match. Sometimes very simple things can make a major difference. You know that, Bungie.



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