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Hello, Guardian. Welcome to[b]HALP![/b] We have 3 clans, creating a small community focused on conquering all aspects of the game, while also teaching and encouraging others to take their skill to the next level. We’re currently "enjoying" the dulcet tones of Germain (aka Drifter) while he guides us through this season's new content, while also plugging away at mastering the newly revamped Kings Fall raid. We believe in having fun while pushing ourselves to master all content. We have every level of player, mostly mid to endgame, with some newer guardians. We tackle the hardest challenges, GMs, solo dungeons, master raids, flawless, low-mans, etc... while also guiding clan members to strive for activities that may have seemed inaccessible anywhere else. We do not carry… we help players understand how the game is played! We raid constantly and have a strong PVE base, but we certainly have some amazing PVP players as well. 🔫 Raid night EVERY Friday 💪 GMs, solo, low-man, flawless 🤪 Shenanigans 📚 Sherpas ready to halp 👶🏻 Resources for new players 🥇 SEALS! 🧠Early Plans for Season 20's Day 1 raid! All 18+ age players are welcome in our discord, To join the clan, first join our discord ⬆️. Then head to and apply to the clan. In discord, head to the #clan-approval channel and let us know you applied to clan 1! PS - There's no difference between the clans. We only use numbers for clarification. See you lovelies! ❤️❤️ Harmony!



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