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10/3/2022 7:33:23 PM

Tactus Tenebris (Touch of Darkness or ToD) is Recruiting [Xbox/PC preferred, 21+ Only, NA, EST]

We are a clan of older guardians, many with families, who understand that sometimes life comes before raiding. We are dedicated to being a small clan, aiming for 36 members tops, and are mostly PVE focused. ToD is focused more on the vibe you bring than the skills. We are happy to work with you on your gameplay and learning to raid (or learning from you), GM Nightfall, etc...skills can be improved, attitude not so much. ToD does not allow any toxicity. Founders and Admin play regularly and are very active in our Discord (you'll need to be present in our Discord as well). We don't have activity requirements in-game or in Discord. No need to share your raid report, let us know your K/D, and you don't have to "participate" in our Discord at least once a week or anything like that. However, if you want help or to join in on raids and other activities then you'll need to be active on Discord since that is where we organize all of it. We do ask that you be open to helping and receiving help from your fellow clan mates, that you already have a preference for playing Destiny over other games (please continue to enjoy those as well), and that you can have fun but also be serious when it's needed. New Lights are ABSOLUTELY welcome! Seriously, if you're new to the game it's totally cool. ToD does go after end game content, not always successfully, but we still have fun. Chasing and guilding seals is fun, and Day 1 raids are definitely exciting, even if they aren't completed. Requirements: 1 - Be on PC or Xbox 2 - Must have a headset and be able to get on either Xbox Party Chat or Discord Chat 3 - Be active in our Discord 4 - Have fun, just not at other's expense (no toxicity) 5 - Be at least 21 years or older If this is sounding like it might be a good fit come check us out. We do require that all guardians interested in joining the clan participate in an Admin run. Remember, we aren't looking to see how good you are as a guardian, just if your attitude fits with us. It'll be something simple like running a strike or 2 or doing a story mission. Message me (or any of the admins) if you have any questions or would like the link to our Discord to see about possibly joining!



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