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9/29/2022 8:06:23 PM

Majestic, the place to be! Join this clan from HoL! | House of Light Community | All platforms!

[b]Alright, alright, alright, let’s see what we got![/b] Your new fireteam is on the horizon! Hey there Guardian, you lookin’ for a new crew to roll with? I got just the place for ya. You ever heard of House of Light? It’s this great spot, full of mavericks just like yourself looking for some place to belong. More specifically, Majestic. True renegades, wearing nothing but black and the fire that they leave behind. I hear they got all kinds of neat stuff. - 13 Clans with members from different time zones across the globe and a helpful admin team. (Don't tell the lot that Majestic is my favourite, because Ol' Drifter doesn't have favourites! Well.. Most of the time...) - A Sherpa Hub program, with passionate and certified Sherpas, guaranteed to teach any Destiny 2 raid in stress-free and chill runs. - Community events hosted every month! From Minecraft to Jackbox, House of Light hosts all kinds of gaming events! - Active LFG platforms, open to ALL members for all of your Destiny in-game needs! - Destiny-talk related channels to catch up on the latest meta builds or lore! They even got a bunch of social channels where folks go to talk about their pets, anime, brewskies and more. Ol’ Drifter likes the kitchen channel the best! [b]Enough foolin’ around. You want in? Head to[/b]



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