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9/27/2022 6:25:47 AM

Recruiting for our Clan!

The "Decent Cult" is recruiting new members! We are a Clan which has been active ever since Destiny 2 launched. However, before Witch Queen launched a lot of our members have gone inactive due to lack of content, resulting in us now refilling our ranks! We are trying to create a chill and fun environment for our members. We raid together regularly and you can pretty much always find someone to help you with something on our discord. When it comes to raiding, we sherpa a lot which means beginners are more than welcome to join us and learn! ^^ What you are required to do: -Involve yourself in Clan activities regularly, since we want to get to know our members. -Involve yourself in Talks on discord or Ingame chat. -Be helpful and patient with people, lets have a laugh together and try again if something fails! IF you happen to fail a requirement, I or one of our Admins will warn you before removing you from our Clan entirely. If you are interested: DM GenanntBxn#8265 on discord! Looking forward to meeting you!



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