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[PS4/PS5] Elite Shadow Assassins ► North America ► 21+ ► PvE & Chill ► Looking to make friends and play among clan mates? Join us!

Hello! My name is [b]Mana[/b]. I'm one of the admins from [b][url=]Elite Shadow Assassins[/url][/b]. My partner, [b]abacuz29[/b], is the clan leader. We made our clan back in the early days of D1. We're looking to grow and welcome new members! We are a small, PvE focused clan that enjoys helping each other out in activities, form connections, socialize and have fun! We do everything from nightfalls, raids, dungeons, grandmasters, weekly pinnacles, and more. If you'd like to join, send us a message! We'll play a few games with you first to see if you're cool people. [u][b]Some requirements before approval:[/b][/u] • PlayStation 4/5 Only • Based in North America • Have Discord • 21+ years old • Have a Mic • Active D2 Player



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