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9/26/2022 7:50:21 PM

Strike Concept (Screeb Strike)

So the whole strike is just Screeb enemies and the setting can be something like the “Worm Breeding Ground” strike. The first half will be a long hallway (like the preservation mission) where Screebs come down in two waves. Get past that and there’s a small platform/jumping puzzle with one Screeb on every other platform (about 4 platforms). Get past that you get a light encounter with more Screebs and then the boss room. The boss is an Ogre sized Screeb. At half health he will enter a brief immunity phase and explode into 40-50 normal sized Screebs. The larger Screeb will leave a large vex-like Fanatic Screeb pool in the middle of the room. The other normal sized Screebs will then have to be killed to end the strike. As for Nightfall Modifiers: Every normal sized Screeb and Boss Screeb will leave the Fanatic Screeb pool and, when in the pools, they will slow you and do damage. The normal sized Screebs will also latch onto you and have a 7 second timer to be removed before they blow up. You can remove latched on Screebs by using your Class Ability. There’s also a Triumph called “That’s a Good Screeb”, you get this Triumph if you do the whole strike without getting blown up by a Screeb. Let me know what you all think, personally I would like to play this strike haha I doubt Bungie will ever make it come true though.



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