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9/26/2022 6:47:07 PM

The Almerians Clan: Recruiting

Clan Name : The Almerians [ALMS] We are looking for fellow guardians to join us in battle!  All are welcome! Please be an -active-outgoing-communicative teamplayer and join our discord server. Systems & Location : A mixed gang but mostly EU based. Play: We play at various times but schedule events like raids usually in the weekends. We have a discord server and use Charlemagne for scheduling. Please have Discord. About: Founded over 2 years ago with currently around 90 members, we have room for more. We do a little bit of everything but are mostly PvE focused.  No hardcore skills required it's the effort that counts. We share knowledge tips and tricks and sometimes organize learning events for people who'd like to get some more experience.  Operating as a team and having fun is the most important part, there's not many rules but we appreciate an honest and open culture with respect and helping each other out, so fairly strict on social and behavioral aspects.  We recently redesigned our discord server, for those already in a clan, you can now apply for a "friends of the clan" role and participate in events regardless. Find us on the clan site: Contact: send me a message here, on reddit, or Stadia (SKyLiNe#7032) Discord:



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