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9/25/2022 4:06:27 AM

Hey Bungie, Don’t Punish Me For Your Matchmaking

When I go up against 3+ groups in Control, I quit as soon as their point total accelerates over 25 of my team within the first 2 minutes of a match. If my team can’t compete against a coordinated group, I’m just going to have a soul-draining play experience. My teams crumples like tissue paper while the enemy stacks get to farm killstreaks, that is not fun to play against. And you want to punish me for quitting out of that awful experience with your new Control quitout moderation Bungie? How about no. Until matchmaking is in a more acceptable state, you need this system gone, or you’ve lost me as a PvP player. If you can’t curate my online play by keeping stacks out of solo queue, then I should be able to curate it myself.



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