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9/25/2022 3:31:18 AM

[All Platforms] The Ramen Defenders are recruiting!

Hi, everyone! We are currently a small clan looking to expand so that we can run more raids and master content! We wanna help guardians who are looking to get more endgame activities done. Anyone is welcome to join pending approval from one of our admins. We also want to provide a more relaxed atmosphere for all gamers. While we do have a Discord, joining is not mandatory but is required for more challenging content like raids, trials and master activities as communication is essential for success and efficiency in those areas. Trying to keep this short so that I can get back into the fight. We hope you consider us when looking for a clan. And even if you don't wanna join, feel free to reach out to our members for help as we're always willing to lend a hand. Thanks for your time and stay safe out there, guardians! Ramen Defenders:



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