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9/25/2022 11:38:59 PM

Hallowfire Heart

Hello Toast here with a post about the Hallowfire Heart one of the most forgotten exotics on titan. For those who don't know what this exotic does it increases solar ability regeneration while that is good Heart Of Inmost Light does it so much better. So I buffed the exotic and had some insperation for a legendary armor piece to go with it as well. HALLOWFIRE HEART SUNFIRE FURNACE: Improves the recharge rate of your abilities and scorch damage. When your super is charged greatly increases ability recharge rate and increases the amount of scorch you apply. This armor piece also grants a benefit to the airborne effectiveness of all solor weapons. (+100% scorch damage, +50% scorch stacks applied) (+30 to solar weapons airborne effectiveness) My goal with this buff is to make this the exotic to use for scorch builds on titan. I also was inspired to think of a concept for a legendary armor piece that changes when paired with the exotic like Doom Fang Plate and Mark Of The Falling Star. So I want the legendary armor piece to be a helmet that is based on a crusader helm with a crown and when the Hallowfire Heart is equipped have there be fire come out of the eyes and crown have the armor piece be called Hallowfire Crown. Thank you all for reading have a great day. With love from a wet Toaster. :)



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