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由AlphaSerenity編輯: 9/21/2022 6:23:52 PM

All platforms should be able to disable crossplay, not just consoles. We need input matching too.

Consoles can disable crossplay, meaning they will only be in a lobby with PC players if someone in their fireteam is using a PC. PC players should get the same option. Consoles result in a noticeable increase in lag. If I had a "Disable Crossplay" option checked, I should never see a console in a lobby I am in period. I would rather wait an extra 30-60 seconds for a queue without a console. There should be a way to restrict input method matching as well. There are several weapons that simply have better hit registration with a controller over mouse and keyboard. This allows those who also just want to play with a controller to not be in a lobby with players who have a high accuracy with mouse and keyboard if they desire. We also need the latency display back from Destiny 1 as the effects perceived by the aforementioned issues are exacerbated by latency. Being able to identify if it is just one player, multiple players, you, or Bungie having issues would be helpful in diagnosing problems. Your competitors in the FPS multiplayer market have these functions.



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