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9/22/2022 12:12:07 AM

(ALL PLATFORMS) 4WRD is recruiting and looking for new and experienced raiders!

4WRD is a nearly 2-year-old clan started by myself and a number of my friends! We were focused around teaching endgame content to new players, and while that goal is still a priority to me we’ve also shifted to looking for highly skilled raiders and general players to chill and crack some skulls with. General Requirements: -Active discord -Reasonable experience in the game isn’t a must but knowing how to stun a champ makes everyone’s life easier! -A mic, *or* other reliable form of communication 18+ *or* a level of maturity consistent with such -Titans get free Fire Truck Red We’re trying to grow, and I hope you can be a part of that process. While I can’t promise you we’ll have a full time raid team on standby 24/7 (at least, not yet), I can offer a fun and casual yet serious group of people to play with as we navigate these treacherous seas together!



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