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9/20/2022 3:17:44 PM

Can we sort out these dud LFG's please?

I'm getting rather tired of joining LFG fireteams on here that are designed just to waste time. You join them expecting to complete an end game activity (Ketchcrash, Nightfalls, Raids, etc) and they just don't invite for unknown reasoning. It just wastes time for everyone who joins these dud fireteams; whether it be a case of the host is a troll, they don't have cross-play enabled or the host left the fireteam open after jumping off game... it just does not help anyone if these keep popping up. And with Trials now back in the rotation, there will be more of these soliciting 3rd party sites for the sake of "Paid Carries". I hope the in-game LFG system elevates this somewhat, but I'm not holding my breath on it.



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