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9/20/2022 3:02:58 PM

Warlock exotic idea for next season: gloves of the healer

hoping for an actual support exotic. gloves of the healer with warlock aspects being most disappointing so this exotic is also like an aspect/fragments. restoration 2x, which only exists on warlock. +functionality so phoenix protocol doesn't feel a must use for warlocks. Blessing of saints: as long as your teammate is being healed by your grenade or rift: you gain increased ability regeneration for your grenade and rift (whisper of chains speed or hoil speed), this speed can stack with ember of benevolence. additional functionality so phoenix protocol doesn't feel like a must have: the above mentioned ability regen buff also increases your super regen. the super regen speed should be 25% of super energy back for 30 seconds of constant healing teammates. which means 2 minutes of constant healing for full super. (or 45sec/25%, 3 minutes in total for full super). or other option is for each teamate healed you get super energy. 5%-7.5% super/teammate healed. (doesn't proc if your teammate has any kind of healing applied already, have to wait for their healing to end, in other words it doesn't work with healing grenade spam inside rift/well) phoenix protocol gives 50% in 30 second, also other builds with phoenix or starfire with fusion/ashes to assets gives back a 100% super under 40 seconds. see plunderthatbooty warlock build for more information. there are also other more instant super back builds for other classes subclasses etc. so this feels a little weak but okay since phoenix won't feel as necessary anymore. +this only works with healing stuff, empowering rift, other grenades don't get ability regeneration. additional option for developer team: -new melee ability added to ability regeneration, would like to see a melee ability added that heals 2x restoration instead of damage. additional note: all these effects are greatly halved in pvp, similar to graviton lance and heart of inmost light.



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