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9/18/2022 11:42:18 PM

Strike Playlist

Wanted to start this with I do see both side of the argument. I have played Destiny since year 2 of D1. I understand strikes in Destiny are a core activity for Bungie and for long time players they are over played. But recently my daughter decided to join me and try Destiny as "new light" f2p player going back and seeing the frustration of her trying to do strikes and complete bounties when veteran players are sprinting through strikes forcing players to "joining allies" as they just buy pass areas just shows bungie needs to change something as for new players they never get to play the strike just dragged to a boss with no ammo. Like I said for long time players it's no fun playing the same strikes week in and week out. But putting a pinnacle for just doing 3 is sending people on speed runs. I got a friend to join us and let my daughter do the strikes as if non of us had done them. The enjoyment she got and understand was better. I think they need to look to change the power level or like nightfall put in tears. Change the pinnicle to a score base like the nightfall is. I know the answer some will give if you want to take it slow get people to play with so u don't have to deal with random's also on a side note the amount of strikes I have been in recent that players don't want to do the michanics just stand by doors and wait that seems to be something that has been more of a thing. I don't have all the answer. Just hope lightfall brings some changes.



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