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9/13/2022 7:46:57 PM

Buffs for warlock 3.0 built around amplify.

Electrostatic mind: Defeating targets with arc abilities or defeating jolted or blinded targets creates an ionic trace. Collecting an ionic trace makes you amplified. While amplified your grenades jolt targets (removes requirement for warlocks to use the fragment to jolt, which returns arc web behavior as an intrinsic). Arc Soul: cast your rift to create an Arc Soul. Allies that pass through your rift also get an arc soul. Your rift recharges faster when allies are near. While amplified, your Arc Souls are super charged and gain increased fire rate and repeated hits jolt targets (they can figure out how to balance it for pvp). Lightning surge: Slide melee that jolts targets damaged by this ability. While amplified, the lightning strike radius and damage is increased (it needs to look cooler damn it). Defeating jolted targets recovers a small amount of melee energy. Ball lightning: while amplified, ball lightning's second lightning strike has a larger radius and deals bonus damage (cause honestly I think it sucks). Stormcaller: while amplified, super lasts longer (all sandboxes) and deals increased damage (pve only). Chaos Reach: while amplified, chaos reach duration is extended (geomags current behavior). Geomags: consumes amplified to greatly increase the damage of chaos reach (to match a geomags damage super, maybe a little more, but at normal chaos reach duration. This will smooth out complaints about how long you are stuck in chaos reach, while giving the base version a lot more oomph without the exotic). Goal: bring the (amplified) thunder into the warlocks kit like they tried to promote it as. I cranked up the jolting on warlocks to "amplify" its add clear identity it had with top tree and removed the necessity of needing a fragment to jolt on grenades...because that's stupid for them. Then with the supers, everyone is mostly dissatisfied with their base performance, so instead of using an exotic to band aid fix it, just rework it.



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