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Assassin's Cowl will not drop

Hi folks, hoping someone can help me or point me in the right direction: Just two quick things: I already have a low base-stat Assassins Cowl, and I got it from completing the Shadowkeep campaign when it first launched. It is in my collections. With that said, I have been using this low stat Assassin's cowl since the beginning of Season of the Risen, I'm a big fan of it and I've been super patient hoping that it will drop a better version of itself. No such luck. I must have sharded easily over 100 Exotic helmets by now. I was told that unlocking Assassin's cowl (Or any Campaign Exotic) will allow it to drop from the world exotics pool, can anyone concretely confirm or deny this? My concern is that either; somebody at Bungie hates me or that at some point the flag in my character's data that says 'has completed Shadowkeep' got unticked. I would really like a new Assassin's cowl. Cheers!



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