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9/10/2022 11:41:59 PM

Thunderclap should be renamed to Charged Strike

If you head to the Eververse store you can find the "Charged Strike" Titan Finisher under the Seasonal Offerings tab. If you preview it, you'll notice that it looks [i]identical[/i] to the "Thunderclap" Arc Melee introduced in the same season (S18) alongside Arc 3.0. You can also find the "Thunderclap" Titan Finisher in the Eververse store under the Archive tab, which was released in Season 10, and it looks nothing like the "Thunderclap" Arc Melee introduced with Arc 3.0. Because the "Charged Strike" Titan Finisher looks [i]identical[/i] to the new melee and represents the new melee more accurately than "Thunderclap", I believe the Titan Melee "Thunderclap" should be renamed to "Charged Strike". This isn't the most pressing issue, but I find it important nonetheless.



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