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由Talia Sendua編輯: 9/8/2022 10:19:43 AM

Please Bungie, remove Stormtrances Ability to hit stuff ABOVE them on casting the super

Can you maybe NOT make this super literally god mode? It does so much for so little player input required. You can teleport with the Super teleport making it a lot harder to get hit by opponents. You can chain damage between them. You create 6-8 ground projectiles on casting the Super (Landfall). With Crown of Tempest you can even extend super duration by simply killing opponents. And apparently now, as shown in the clip, Landfall can now hit IN AIR TOO. It really DOESN'T need that ability to work above your head when casting. It is already potent enough. And before the PvE players come in and complain about "you pvp guys want to ruin our experience with your nerf calls". No, removing Stormtrances ability to hit stuff above it WON'T ruin the super in PvE. You can still kill everything just as fine by jumping OVER them and casting with Landfall.



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