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9/4/2022 9:18:22 AM

Duality, the most bug riddled content i've ever played

After taking my sweet, painstaking time to two man this dungeon. I decided to take my friend (1555 Hunter) through the dungeon. This dungeon has so many bugs with random killing with the teleportation, statue puzzle rotations that don't always work for some reason, and the Caitl boss phase problems. The damage buff and stunning seems to be crazy inconsistent with the bells, not always awarding damage buff/stunning despite being right next to bell, both Caitl and ourselves. We finally got Caitl down to about 15% health and while teleporting to the nightmare realm, wiped my entire team. I love this game. I play it very much. When trying to introduce newer players to this game and taking them through dungeons so they can understand what raids are like on a smaller scale, I hate that I cannot do so without the hair pulling experience that is duality. I'm not sure if the dev team knows about these bugs. If they don't, I'm baffled as to how since this is a fairly old dungeon. If they do, I'm not sure how it hasn't been patched as it makes duality almost laughably unplayable. If it didn't have the bugs it did, it would be my favorite dungeon, however I cannot seem to do anything without something impeding my progress



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