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9/6/2022 7:58:41 AM

Destiny 2 Rewritten

Greetings Guardians, My name is Baq-Keem and I just wanted to share a playlist I have created this year. I was unable to play Witch Queen amd all the other seasons due to not having a gaming system. I have been working on a project to tell my version of Destiny 2 since 2017 and here it is. As you continue to watch the videos will get better. I will appreciate any support given rather it be a view, like comment, or subscription. I currently attend Syracuse University and study as a senior within the Film and Media Arts Program. I use these skills to better the Destiny 2 experience from this channels perspective. My narrative within the narrative of Destiny 2. Even though I have posted the playlist. Every Week I will be posting a video from the playlist, so follow along this series and may you all enjoy and be friendly and supportive. Thabk you all. Love, Baq-Keem



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