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[PC/XBOX] Kill The Oversoul! | Raid sherpa clan | Friendly community, looking for raiders

[b]INTRODUCTION[/b] KTO is a clan that helps guardians learn raid mechanics so they can successfully get raid clears. At the moment, KTO is a small clan, so we hope to double our roster before the end of the year. Our Discord is very active as that is where most communication takes place. [b]RECRUITMENT[/b] Currently we are looking for guardians who an interested in doing raids every week. Whether you know the mechanics or not, as long as you see yourself participating frequently, you are welcome to join. Steps towards becoming a member: 1.) Join [url=]KTO's Discord[/url]. 2.) Read KTO! RULES in #rules-n-bots. 3a.) DM or @ an admin in #general and request a "pre-invitation raid". 3b.) The pre-invitation raid is to get to know you before inviting you to the clan. 4.) Wait for an admin to get back to you to organize a time suitable for the raid. 5.) After acceptance, you will be given the "Unproven" rank. [b]FAQ[/b] [b]Q: Can I do X amount of raids each week here?[/b] A: There is no definitive number of raids because it depends on how interested enough people are. Hence, why we are looking for more people individuals who have a vested interest in raiding. [b]Q: How old are the members?[/b] A: Most members are between 18 and 22. A few are older and fewer are younger. [b]Q: Is Discord mandatory?[/b] A: Yes, communication takes place in Discord. PlayStation users will eventually be accepted once Discord is integrated to PS5 in Q1 2023. [b]Q: Can I join if I have X disability? [/b] A: Yes, as long as you are not deaf or mute. [b]Q: What TZ are most members?[/b] A: We are primarily in the U.S. so PST, MT, CST, and EST. If you have any questions, make a comment below.



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