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9/2/2022 1:09:01 PM

[PC] The Wolf Vanguard is recruiting for raids/endgame!

Hello! Our clan, [b]The Wolf Vanguard[/b], are looking for new players of ANY experience level to come join our ranks. We are currently at 74/100 population after a bit of a clear-out of afkers and we're keen to get people in who want to raid and do endgame content like GMs or master missions. We have sherpas to help newbies, as well as veteran players for people who'd rather just rush in to the hardcore content asap. [b]Requirements:[/b] - 18+ - You own Destiny 2? - Not a rage monkey We are mostly UK/EU but we have people from all over the world, on at most hours, so there's usually someone to play with. Ultimately we just want to enjoy the game we love with likeminded people who can keep it chill whilst smashing it up. Comment if interested, cheers x



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