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9/1/2022 2:04:47 PM

The_Order_of_Disorder Now Recruiting!

Welcome fellow Guardians to The_Order_of_Disorder! We are an active clan that’s been on for 3 years. We like to have all sorts of fun and make memories here. We do Raids, Dungeons, Grandmasters, and also Trials of Osiris! We like to do a little bit of everything for everyone and everyone is more than welcome to make a request to join, no matter what your skill or experience level is! If you want to learn how to do raids or dungeons we are more than happy to help you learn so you can get that sweet loot! All time zones are also accepted here this is a judgment free zone, if you are shy don’t worry that’s totally fine too! We’ll give you time to adjust to the members and hopefully we can all have fun! Right now we are rebuilding this clan up to what it formerly was so there may not be a whole lot of people active right now due to them taking breaks so give us time and we will get this show on the road! Our only requirement is to participate in game activities such as raids nightfalls and anything else. Like I stated before don’t worry if you do or don’t know how to do something we are more than happy to teach you. Looking forward to meeting all you new Guardians!



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