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The Problem with Veteran Guardians

[b]Hello everyone,[/b] I've been playing Destiny since about a week before The Dark Below released. Took a bit of a hiatus around House of Wolves and Curse of Osiris but I'm still around playing. I think it's safe to say this is my favorite game, even at its lowest points. Something has always nagged at me though, nothing big or controversial like the DCV, Crucible, or the seasonal model. What I'm posting about is quite literally just small little insignificant details regarding Guardians such as myself that switched over from console to pc before cross save was introduced. Now what does this mean exactly? It means I lose out on a few things, small things but things nonetheless. This came to mind when I was recently playing through Beyond Light on my Titan. The first time you meet the Exo Stranger she mentions "I once asked guardians to destroy the black heart in the black garden to stop the darkness from arriving" or something along those lines. I'm not sure if this has any different dialogue if you're playing on a D1 veteran account, but it just reminded me of all the veteran dialogue I just don't get. And if she [i]does[/i] have something different to say, that means veteran dialogue is still around and that kinda bums me out. I was there for the black garden, I should have multiple emblems showing that I was there during Destiny 1's prime. I had said items on my console, but since I didn't wait until Shadowkeep, I don't have them. This is not a huge annoyance or something that [i]NEEDS[/i] to be fixed, but it would be nice to show off that I was apart of Destiny for X amount of time. My profile says so, but if Destiny 2 is truly going to be around for much longer than The Final Shape, I want to be able to show off my accomplishments in not only Destiny 2, but the ones that are sitting on my playstation account. It's not like I can just switch over to that account, last time I played on that account was back in Warmind so you can understand why I wouldn't want that with how the DCV and seasonal content is going. My Destiny 1 playstation account [i]is[/i] linked to my bungie account, so I hope bungie can figure out a way to use that to give us PC players that either switched before Shadowkeep, or just started D2 on pc our emblems and dialogue (if bungie continues vet dialogue) Again, not a huge thing I'm sure bungie is busy with S19, Lightfall, and the future. But it would be nice. and if anyone knows if the stranger does have alternate dialogue when she mentions the black heart, please let me know. Because if it's not true, then she is just very forgetful.



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