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8/29/2022 6:52:01 AM

An Idea For Bungie For Reprised Raids And Their Challenge Modes Day One, And What I Think Would Be A Good Implementation

For Day Ones of reprised raids and their rewards I think it'd be a good idea to have 2 separate Day One Emblems. Even without the Day 1 challenge mode even completing the raid on day one is difficult for some to perform while in contest mode. so I think it'd be neat if there were 2 separate emblems for this. both still being highly sought after by those attempting to complete it. I would've loved to have seen something like this during king's fall as not everyone can Immediately hop back into the raid they spent 10+ hours on for their first completion Day One and then attempt to do the challenges for the same encounters they just got through. I understand that this may displease certain people who may say it devalues the first day one Emblem but it's not like the raid gets any easier with this implementation in mind. Beating a Day One raid is Impressive in and of itself. so I think it'd be neat to award those who were able to beat it and then another one for those who pushed beyond that and beat all the challenges on top of that. Either way I enjoyed beating Kings Fall Day One and hope everyone else did as well, I just wish I had something to show for it besides my raid report and I thought this would've been a cool Idea for later reprised raids!



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