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XBOX - Endgame PvE Clan [N3RD] - Recruiting in UK and Europe

NOBODY 3VER REALLY DIES! We are a UK and Western European clan on Xbox, who love the PvE endgame. Our aim is to have a good time while doing Dungeons, Grandmaster Nightfalls, Raids, ... And also teach and help our clan members with any of those and other activities. All of our members are adults, without bloated ego's, and we don't tolerate any kind of toxicity. Consideration to join requires you to: * have (or setup) a Discord account * have a working mic * have a basic understanding of the English language * be 21+ * be respectful of others You can DM [url=]dpTAZ1980#8063[/url] if you're interested in joining our clan.



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