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由Talia Sendua編輯: 8/27/2022 1:17:01 AM

Auto Rifles suck in PvP because Destiny 2 is too much Precision Weapon driven. Same issue like with Halo and the DMR.

As long as the game is balanced around Hand Canons (120RPM) (according to Ascendant Nomad), Auto Rifles will never really shine at anything in pvp. They are just there as a starter weapon til you throw them away to run Hand Canons or Pulse Rifles. Sometimes even Scout Rifles. I miss the D1 times when SMGs didn't exist and Auto Rifles were actually good. Quicksilver Storm is the only really viable AR of the Exotics because it is an absolute Flinch Machine and has an additional Grenade Launcher. If I would propose some ideas how to make Auto Rifles better, without changing their TTK, I would say following changes would be needed: * Removal of [b]all[/b] ADS movement penalties from Auto Rifles * Increased Stability for all 720RPM Auto Rifles * Increased Mobility while holding a 600RPM Auto Rifle (we have not a single lightweight frame for Auto Rifles!) * Increased long-range Precision for all 450 RPM Auto Rifles * Reduced First Person Recoil display for 360RPM Auto Rifles (on some 360s the barrel feels very "twitching") The problem with Auto Rifles is, that they feel like an universal combat tool which aren't really competitive in comparison to all the more specialized primary weapon types in the game. They lack that Destiny-defining "Oompf" you (Bungie) always strife for. And that's why barely anyone plays them in PvP. Why use an Auto Rifle when basically every other primary gun type is more interesting to play?



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