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Serious MODS problems for newer players - QoL downgrade, need a change!

Hi, I just needed to cry a little. I have 4, what seems really fun to play, builds prepared. I am playing for a month, absolutely loving the game and progressing. But man, I've bought like all the mods in first week, and after that it's the same, all the time! I can't make to work either of these builds, because of absence of a single mod - [b]Melee Wellmaker[/b]. There are few other, which I might need, but this one is so essential, and what I've seen on reddit, it was like once or twice in the last year. This is really bad and annoying for a newer players. Bungie gives them 30th on Epic, all DLC F2P for a week, but this is the <b>thing we really need</b>. PS: I would grind for it, even for days. I would gladly pay for it with real money, but the small chance from Ada with the repeatable mods every day? This is not nice for players who felt in love with Destiny, paid around over 100 $ for all DLC and nothing.



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