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8/25/2022 3:07:20 PM

Years worth of screenshots deleted

I have an addiction to this game's eye candy, so I take great value in my screenshots. After the latest season (18) dropped and I updated, I took some screenshots of the opening mission and a group pose with the people I played with. Then I went to orbit and opened my screenshots folder. The very same folder I have been going to for years. All my photos, except the ones I took on that first mission, are gone. I have checked through everything and everywhere, and the PC is under no strain and works fine. It's in fact in great nick. There seems to be no error with the steam files either and there hasn't been a new directionary. I have programmes on the computer aimed to sort and clean out the rubbish but none of them are allowed to touch photos (All types of images) Is there some underlying function with Destiny 2 that I'm not aware of? I had screenshots when Forsaken dropped in that folder less than a week ago, why would they go away now? If it helps, the new screenshots are curiously labelled "Tiger release final"



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