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8/24/2022 3:42:21 PM

[EU/PC] The Warmind Collective // Casual, Friendly PvX Clan Recruiting !

[b]About the Warmind Collective[/b] The Warmind Collective is an EU/PC multi-gaming community that has branched out towards games like Destiny 2, Black Desert Online, Warframe, Final Fantasy XIV and Battlefield 2042. Our focus for the future is for this clan to become a multi-national community that will spread out into different & popular games and to have a strong and fun community within each game. [b]Goals[/b] Helping new & casual players in reaching endgame content in addition to helping them out to reach their objectives. The clan will have weekly Destiny 2 raids/events for New & Experienced Players. [b]Clan Requirements[/b] Warmind Collective is a 16+ community that doesn't have any level or gear requirements for new members. Being mature and friendly is all we ask. As we are a multi-gaming community, the use of Discord & headset/microphone is an important requirement as they will be essential in participating in weekly clan events Most importantly, we are not a clan that are hardcore raiders or sweat lords in crucible. Nevertheless, we are a clan that is skilled in getting activities completed along with having fun in the process. Discord Link: [url][/url] Bungie Clan Link: [url][/url]



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