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8/23/2022 3:01:55 AM

Making King's Fall Day One Raid Team (I've done Day One Contest Before)

I've scrolled through this reddit looking for people that want to group up for a Day One raid for completion and I haven't found anyone who is good enough yet so I'm looking to make my own group of really good people who are ready to destroy oryx and the challenges he will bring upon us. I have done Day One Contest mode of Vow of the Disciple in February with a group who was there for 18 hours and I have 100+ clears on King's Fall between two accounts on Destiny 1. King's Fall is a long and hard raid and will kill most teams at the start who do not have prior knowledge of King's Fall and who do not have the necessary weapons in D2 for damage checks during bosses. I'm looking for a couple things------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For exotics' own at least: Izanagi's Burden, Sleeper Simulant, Gjallerhorn, and Divinity as these are the best weapons for damage checks For legendries own at least: Stormchaser, an Auto Loading Rocket, and a good sword For other weapons it will depend on the metas introduced in Season 18 18+ English Must have a lot of endgame experience and raid experience with that Be able to go all 24 hours for the Day One Challenge Have knowledge of each encounter and how to do each challenge mode Be nice to others as we all want the same goal and be encouraging of each other and be able to have a good laugh and time doing the raid. IMPORTANT: Be able to adapt quickly to the new raid mechanics and be able to process changes in strategies (if someone dies be able to come up with a plan to take their spot for the time being or go for the res) This separates good players from the greats Communicate everything throughout encounter depending on what needs to be said PC recommended but it doesn't matter ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If this is too much you can always join another team there are plenty out there I'm looking for people who have put in as much work as I have I will look into people and do interviews to make a really good team to have the best shot at beating King's Fall this Friday and it will be a tough one especially at Golgoroth. If you are interested and are a PvE sweat then comment below your Bungie ID or dm me. My Bungie is Ghost#4691



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