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由Daemon White編輯: 8/18/2022 2:21:25 PM

Why even play Hunter anymore?

Warlocks have all these elemental buddies... stasis turret, void child, arc buddy. They can fly forever and mid-air dash, they can heal, they can buff their own damage, and now they can also keep up on our speed while having the easiest access to chain lightning? Titans also have so much overshield, and can just block damage completely while even being able to shoot through their barricade... They can just make anything volatile by throwing a shield, they can suppress by kicking my face in, they can sit in their sutpid campfires and become literally invincible, and now they also have an air dodge plus a forcefield while running? What do we even have now? Some jumps? A quick dodge? It's stupid, it's useless. Oooh look at me, I moved a little bit to the left! I went up a little bit! I hope you don't try to look at the direction I moved and shoot me, oooooooo~ How the heck am i suppsed to compete? stop wineing omg. [spoiler]/sarcasm. Can you imagine though? Yes, those spelling errors are on purpose.[/spoiler]



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